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Our playground planner does exactly what it says on the can !

Once loaded (and it does take a short while depending on your connection speed) select your preferred climbing frame - you will see it appear on the right of the screen giving details of the area required and overall height.

By selecting a different climbing frame from the left hand column, you automatically change the plan view on the right hand side.

If you want to see how much space is required when you add the various modules to a particular climbing frame, select the Modules option in the left hand column. This will list all those options that will fit the selected climbing frame.

Click on the desired module and you will see where it is possible to attach, indicated by a white arrow. Select the arrow and the module footprint will appear, including the combined overall space required.

The planner will give you the required area for any combination of climbing frame and module - what it doesn't do is provision any safety zone. Please give careful consideration to this and allow as much room as possible to minimise any risk to users.

Playground Planner

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