Wooden Climbing Frames from Jungle Gym

Project 5 Climbing Frame

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Project 5 Climbing Frame Climbing Frame Dimensions
Our Price (inc. vat)
Professional Installation - £792.00

Included Items

  • Climbing Rocks x 8
  • Ladder Rungs x 4
  • Rung Ends x 8
  • Ground Cover 1700x1900
  • Cat Stop™
  • Cat Stop™ Flowers x 20
  • Large Metallic Handgrips x 6
  • Medium Metallic Handgrips x 2
  • Bolt Protection Caps
  • Tympanums x 2
  • Multi Brackets x 18
  • Roof Construction Brackets x 4
  • Roof Triangles 90 x 2
  • Platform Clamping Plates x 3
  • Slide Anchor Piles x 2
  • Slide Brackets x 2
  • Solid Floor Brackets Slide x 2
  • Manuals 1-4
  • 3D Leveller
  • Logo ID Plate
  • Hardware
  • Toolset
  • Building Tools


  • Playground Area - 8,9 x 6 m
  • Dimensions - 5,4 x 3,2 x 3,9 m
  • Platform Height - 1.5m (5ft)
  • User Age - 3 to 12


All play equipment must be installed over an impact attenuating surface according to the standard EN 1176-1: 2008, properly prepared for use in children�s playgrounds. The following is a list of commonly used impact attenuation material: double shredded bark mulch, uniform wood chips, fine gravel, fine sand, rubber tiles, poured in place impact attenuating surfacing. For placement on grass, check local regulations.


All Hy-land Projects are type-approved and certified by an independent test organization, T�V Rheinland. When Hy-land Projects are built according to the instructions, then each Project complies with EN 1176 : 2008. This is the European standard for playground equipment for public / commercial use. For example for restaurants, hotels, stores, day care centres, sport clubs, camp sites and controlled community areas.

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Hy-land projects do not need additional inspections from a test organization, not after assembly and not throughout the year. All Hy-land projects come with a checklist and logbook. You can legitimately carry out the inspections yourself, that are mandatory for public / commercial playgrounds.


Robust dimensions of pressure-treated pine - stainless steel ladder rungs - powder coated steel handgrips, roof brackets and swing brackets - triple-coated non-corrosive screws and bolts - reinforced PVC sandbox covers - polyamide bolt covers - galvanized steel swing chains - stainless steel swing hooks with nylon bearing - shock absorbing light weight EPDM polymer swing seats. All materials apply to the strictest European health and safety requirements, are weatherproof and UV-resistant.


2 Years

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