Net Link Module

Our Price
Net Link Module Module Dimensions
Professional Installation - £94.00

A new and exciting option for expanding your outdoor play centre, the Net Link helps to develop your childrenís sense of equilibrium in a safe and fun way. A central beam runs underfoot, whilst two handrails offer support. The crossed ropes on either side also provide safety with a touch of variety. A narrow connection, co-operation is encouraged as children take turns in crossing this link from one outdoor play centre to the other. High quality, especially designed for children. We always use materials and finishes that are soft for the hands, provide maximum grip, and apply to the strictest health and safety requirements. With rounded edges and corners, weatherproof and UV-resistant.

Included Items

  • Timber pack cut to size
  • Rope Nets
  • Rope Nets Vertical
  • Rope Connector
  • Safety Mesh
  • Bolt Caps
  • Bumper Pad™ x 2
  • Instruction manual
  • Hardware
  • Product Identification